Performance excellence is NOT a one size fits all, but highly individualised to each organisation as it differs by industry, organisation values, capabilities, regulation, economic cycle and simply ambition.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The Board Performance Snapshot is quantitative diagnostic survey and qualitative analysis. It provides deep insights into the effectiveness of function and behaviours of the board.

What we are seeking is an assessment of performance, combined with an understanding of the alignment of stakeholders, on each vital function – how do we rate our performance, and to what degree do we agree. Both measures are important in making an objective judgement. This is results in a Board Impact Score for each of 20 individual functions, and for the overall performance of the Board. The report graphically displays performance scores for the Board and Management, a gap analysis across the Board and Management and between the Board and the Management team. It also delivers an imputed Performance score for each of the 20 functions of the Board.

It is the essential starting point to identify emerging trends and understand how the board is performing in the current environment.

It is also useful in tracking performance change over time and corelating that to other business measures to better understand cause and effect.

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