Performance excellence is NOT a one size fits all, but highly individualised to each organisation as it differs by industry, organisation values, capabilities, regulation, economic cycle and simply ambition.


The Thoughtpost confidential face-to-face Mentoring Program assists the Chair in developing the Board to achieve excellence in changed or changing circumstances. A senior Thoughtpost Partner works collaboratively with the Chair to enhance Board capability, align individual directors, and align the Board with senior management.

It starts with a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of organisational purpose, board performance, teamwork, alignment and skills balance. This establishes performance benchmarks to objectively measure and track performance improvement across every activity of the Board.

The performance of Directors, individually and collectively, has a direct and immediate effect on the performance of the Board and the organisation.

What we are seeking is high performance across every dimension of behaviour, alignment between all directors and between the Board and Management. When that occurs, Board performance will deliver outstanding results.

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