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Thoughtpost-developed theory identifies Four Functions of Directors to provide a practical way to see and evaluate the performance of the Board.

Each of the Four Functions represents a different essence of Directorship.

While each is interdependent, they are decisively different.
Each requires a different mindset and behaviour.

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The Thoughtpost developed Four Functions of Directorship align with the APRA guidelines to assess board performance.

Through a combination of desk reviews, stakeholder surveys, interviews and workshops the review assesses:

  • Decision making including the setting of purpose, strategy, risk frameworks and culture.

  • Monitoring performance against strategy and operational and financial plans.

  • Performance including board decision making processes.

  • Advising the CEO and senior management team

Agenda Setting

Utilising the Four Functions of Directors, a Board can immediately consider:
  • What is the right focus, taking into account the organisation’s history, life-cycle, size, market position and ownership?
  • Does the time, effort and focus of the Board reflect the right balance across the Four Functions?
  • What skills, knowledge and resources are required?

How We Work

We believe in a process of deep immersion informed by qualitative and quantitative data to understand the behaviour of the Board and Senior Leadership team in all circumstances. A Thoughtpost Board Review establishes robust benchmarks as a basis for Board planning and continuous improvement.

The Thoughtpost Four Functions of Directorship provides a 360 degree window to evaluate and shape the performance of the Board. The relationship the Chair and Board have with the CEO and the leadership team is fundamental to realising the full potential of the organisation.

We work openly with the Board and the Senior Leadership team on a non-attributed and collaborative basis to problem solve and identify ideas that can multiply the potential of the organisation. A summary of specific impacts, and associated activities, to drive improved performance are the primary output of the Board Review.

All of the recent investigations by regulators indicate the need for constant application of governance principals.

“It’s not a one-off process. There is a need to apply, reapply and keep reapplying measure to culture​.”

Thoughtpost provides organisations with an on-line mechanism to track performance of all stakeholders across all functions over time. This can be utilised by Boards to regularly track improvement and ensure the Board is always operating within the regulatory guide-lines

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