Performance excellence is NOT a one size fits all, but highly individualised to each organisation as it differs by industry, organisation values, capabilities, regulation, economic cycle and simply ambition.


This is our pinnacle program for the Board and Director Excellence. It is broad and deep, driven by a specialist partner and monitored by a project manager over 2-3 years. The scope is explored and agreed in advance.

The program includes 360-degree reviews of strategy, risk management and culture. It utilises Board and Management Surveys, deep analysis, one on one stakeholder interviews, facilitated workshops and regular monitoring a by sector specialist Partner.

This is encapsulated in a Board Excellence Plan to align all stakeholders and lift overall performance.

An imputed Board Impact Score, across each dimension of Board responsibility and behaviour, allows us to accurately track and drive board behaviour change over time. The Board Excellence Score can be compared to other quantitative evaluations – customer satisfaction, employee engagement and staff turnover – to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

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