There is a tendency for Directors who may have an impressive life’s work behind them to pass lightly over the idea of further development or to consider safe, known activities.

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn."

Thoughtpost is committed to helping directors excel.

Whether you have just completed a board review, recently joined a board, taken up your first director or chair role or are considering your next move, take some time to think deeply about what it would take to excel in that role.

The following guide provides ideas on directorship development. It provides a range of stimulating development opportunities.

Advising, Directorship, Thought Leadership
Global Governance Initiative (GGI) is a collaborative movement, drawing together some of Australia’s most respected and influential corporate governance professionals and facilitators.
Directorship, Thought Leadership
McKinsey and Company address the challenges faced in 2020 and acknowledge the impact of loss on our businesses and employees.
Perform, Think, Thought Leadership
“Fortune Favours the Brave”. In your experience how brave are directors in adopting technology to enhance their performance?
Directorship, Think, Thought Leadership
Directorship, Think, Thought Leadership
We can search any question yet neither the speed of access to a seemingly exhaustive number of answers has led to a corresponding improvement in the performance and success of boards. Why not?
Directorship, Thought Leadership
What value does your board leave on the table at the end of a board meeting that was not brought into the room by management?
Decide, Think, Thought Leadership
“Culture…is emerging as the strongest external driver, shaping the biggest change, in recent governance history” Andrew Donovan outlines steps for good ‘housekeeping’ when it comes to culture.
Performing, Think, Thought Leadership
Deliver a career-making performance with these good practice board reporting principles
Performing, Think, Thought Leadership
Symbolism, culture and lessons for modern directors
Advising, Think, Thought Leadership
Communication and regular contact between directors and the organisation is vital for successful and effective boards.
Board Culture, Monitor, Organisational Culture, Risk, Think, Thought Leadership
2018 onwards in Australia saw a heightened focus on failings of governance in the oversight of non-financial risk with a strong line to organisational culture. Three seminal report/papers were released.

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